A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Washed up on the shores of the afterlife with no memories, you find yourself raising a glass with gods.

Meet Riley Johnson, a being made of gold with robot arms to hold his never empty bottles.  In life, he was operating a gang in a retail store by day, a champion of bars by night. Until he he swallowed everything but his pride. Can you drink more booze out the trunk of a pimp mobile than he can?

Alexzander, the greatest magician you never heard of. What went wrong? Seems like he's eating himself up with guilt and addiction. Maybe he needs a new assistant...was that a flamingo that just pooped on your shoulder?

Who's in charge of this bar anyway? Could it be the enigmatic, saki sipping samurai? Seems like he knows why you're here, but the only way to know is to play and win. Hold down your liquor or your lightweight soul  will forever wander the void of limbo.

A silly, kinetic visual novel about life, death, and having a cold one with the boys. Featuring very strange drinks on the menu. Works best with headphones. 

Made by Deserted Digital. Music by J-Kun.

Install instructions

Download the zip file, then extract the content.


Alcohalla-1.0-pc.zip 71 MB

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